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High Quality Images :

Displaying great photos on your website can make the difference between visitors booking online immediately or returning to Google to try the next link.

If possible, the images on your website should be taken by a professional photographer.

You can contact someone locally or we can arrange for our photographer to visit your property. The photographs on your website should have a consistent theme, including high quality and borders.

We strongly advise against putting pictures of yourself on the homepage. Remember that this is not a personal website about you and your pets, you are trying to attract new clients to your inn. You want a website that showcases your property as effectively as possible. If visitors are busy looking at a picture of you, then they are not booking a room. We are good at scanning in photos and we have state of the art photo and slide scanners. We color correct, crop and compress all of them -- and of course, put a nice frame around them.Putting a "frame" around each photo on your website really helps photos stand out. Depending on the client, we might use ornate frames, collages, drop shadows, simple colored frames, or a "feathered/faded" effect to really make your photos jump off the page.

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