The benefit is that:

  •   You will get more bookings on our SellVEL booking system.
  •   You save money on bookings through our SellVEL system as compared to other OTA's (Portals), which charge 15% to 20% on the total booking amount.
  •   Our charges are fixed $350 per year + $5 per booking ( irrespective of the booking amount)
  •   It will show your hotel name with a badge of "Official website" with our SellVEL booking link and price.
  •   You will get login and password to manage the inventories and pricing on the SellVEL booking system.
  •   Your hotel will get visibility on Google Search and Maps as millions of travelers search for hotels everyday.
  •   Advertise your inventory on Google Travel for free.
  •   Optimize your inventory rates to get more booking.
  •   Optimize your Google My Business & Google Travel Profile pages.
  •   Post new and attractive discount offers to attract guests directly from Google.
  •   Get reports, Understand trends and open rooms for most popular rates.

Our client experience is that:

  •   They are saving money in terms of commission to OTA's.
  •   They are getting nearly 30% of bookings directly from Google Travel Portal from current 50% of room availability.
  •   So when they have 100% room availability, they will definitely get 60% bookings directly from Google Travel.

Kindly know that:

  •   Google Travel is the world's biggest booking generating platform.
  •   Google Travel's revenue is higher than other OTA's.
  •   Today Google Travel is serving to highest guests than other OTA's

Important fact is that:

In upcoming years, Google Travel will replace most OTA's and will control a large % of online travel booking. So if you have invested some money now on Google Travel, it will pay you off more than you have ever imagined.

It is a simple and easy process. Send your confirmation with the hotel name and address and we will send you the online payment link which is our service, integration and maintenance charges per year. Once we link your hotel on Google Travel with our SellVEL booking link, we will provide you with the login and password of SellVEL for inventory management and report you every month for the number of bookings generated through Google Travel on the SellVEL booking system.

Submit your details today and sign up for Google Travel Booking Program. The price is very low right now till a limited period of time.

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