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Our RevenueMax is scientific, data-driven software and solution of setting-up most effective hotel room rates that allow you to sell maximum rooms at the highest price.


  •   Sell highest number of rooms.
  •   Sell rooms at maximum possible price.
  •   To increase revenue and profitability.


  •   Guaranteed increase in revenue based on scientific pricing.
  •   Unlimited consulting. Unlimited support.
  •   Get detailed reports.
  •   Immediately notice improvement in revenue and profits.
  •   Everything will be done by your revenue management team led by US-based experts.
  •   One simple all-inclusive pricing - Pay small % of fees for high level of performance.
  •   Increase property asset value by increasing revenue.


  •   Forecasting occupancy & ADR.
  •   Understanding competitor pricing.
  •   Adjusting pricing based on inventory and competitor's pricing.
  •   Updating pricing across all channels like,, brand website etc.
  •   Analyzing results and increase in revenue.

Cyberweb Hotel's revenue managers are highly trained professionals that can ensure a higher level of sales and profits.

We invite you to use Cyberweb's RevenueMAX revenue management service to the highest level of revenue.

  •   Our experts will analyze your hotel and send you report on most appropriate pricing every month.
  •   We will adjust and update pricing across all channels
  •   We will send you report on increased revenue and profits.

Our US-based revenue managers along with a team of 100+ trained experts in India allow you to speak with your revenue management team 24 x 7 - whenever you wish!


  •   You can try our RevenueMax Solution for one month for free. If you see the results, you can sign-up for one year contract for a low-annual and flat-fee rate.
  •   We have produced outstanding Revenue Management results for our clients.
  •   Monthly Package: $500 per month which includes a Paid advertisement and $300 per month without paid Advertisement.
  •   Yearly Package: $6000 per year which includes a Paid advertisement

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